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The Intelligent Ticket-less Parking System

The Intelligent Ticket-less Parking System
Parking Setup is an intelligent parking management system which ensures a smooth flow of operations for your parking facility. It is, boldly, a ticket-less parking system which requires minimal interaction from your customers and operator and can manage paid and unpaid parking lots or even in a mixed parking lot setup where paying customers and non-paying staff can be managed simultaneously.
Going ticket-less relieves you from spending on expensive purchases such as:
Main Features:
Managing the operation with “Site Monitor”
Site Monitor connects to Parking Setup and becomes your live window into managing, reading and operating even the largest parking lots. Live Monitor allows you to significantly decrease the number of personnel monitoring and managing your parking facility. Site Monitor is a live and intelligent dashboard which does all the heavy work for you on the site. Its essential tools and dashboards keep your operator informed and alert of the parking lot’s status at all times with information, alerts and triggers such as:
Connect from the cloud with “Live Monitor”
Live Monitor allows you to monitor and interact with your parking lots and locations from anywhere. This handy tool brings your parking lots to your office, home or when traveling. Log-in and make use of its embedded tools and features which can be summarized as follows:
Business Modules
Revenue share
$0.10 / CHECK-IN
We installs the systems at no cost to the customer or a 12-month minimum period. Committing to keeping system live and data intact and all services green. Free system upgrades.
Customer investment
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Customer purchases the system and enters an annual maintenance contract. Additional costs apply for customized system features.
Pricing does not include any devices or monthly subscriptions with other parties, such as (barriers, cameras, computers, networking, power, internet connections, payment kiosks, POS machines, cloud hosting ... etc), nor integration costs with other systems.
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